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It all began with quality. We knew there was a better way. 

In the pursuit of this, in 2017 Albus Laundry & Linen Services was born.  Specializing in linen and laundry services for continuing care and senior’s homes, our first focus was on the products themselves. Selecting only those products that worked best within these environments. Products that not only stood up to our linen standards but also with special attention to how they looked and felt. 

Carefully selecting these linens means not only will your residents be pleased with the quality of product but we are also able to provide consistent quotas as fewer linens are damaged during the cleaning process. 

Our specialized ozone laundering process protects the lifecycle of these products by significantly reducing the amount of detergent used and avoiding chemical residue from products like bleach. And it eliminates even the most persistent pathogens – including COVID-19. 

Aleksandra Susak

Albus General Manager

“What makes me the happiest is that I know at the end of the day we are delivering the best quality linens that

are fresher, brighter, cleaner, safer, softer, and greener."


Albus Laundry and Linen Services provides exemplary service that is second to none. The drivers who deliver linens throughout our long-term care residence are always pleasant and friendly with our staff and residents.


The General Manager is approachable and innovative and works with us to ensure appropriate linen quotas are maintained. This results in cost-savings and a confidence in usage and distribution at a site level.

—  Shannon Sproate, General Manager, Seton Seniors Community

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