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136 10748 74th St SE - Albus Laundry & L



Albus linens are ozone cleaned and 100% free from:

  • Coronaviruses

  • Clostridioides difficile (c.diff) 

  • Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA).


Albus linens are washed in Calgary's cold water which helps to reduce our environmental impact.


Albus bed sheets are scientifically designed to eliminate the weight and tightness of the bedding around the resident's feet, providing a better night’s rest.  


Albus delivery carts are exchanged and sanitized after each use to guarantee no cross-contamination between facilities.

Specializing in laundry and linen services for continuing care and senior's homes

in Calgary and area.

Gallery: behind the scenes

What our clients are saying about us.

“We've been utilizing Albus Linen & Laundry Services for about four years. The quality of the linens that come from Albus is fantastic. They clearly have very strict quality control as we never receive any linen that is ripped or torn or stained. We are so pleased with the quality of product we continue to receive."

Nasir Alibhai, General Manager
AgeCare Midnapore

“Being outside of Calgary, reliability for any contractor is extremely important, especially when it comes to ensuring our residents have nice clean linens and towels. Using Albus as our laundry provider has always given me a great deal of confidence that I know that we can continue to provide these important services to our residents uninterrupted.”

Glenda Boc, Administrator

Sagewood Seniors Community Strathmore

“Albus has completely changed the impression of contracted services of linens for the continuing care industry. In the past, we used to have complaints every day with regard to towels being rough and not appropriate for the skin of our beloved residents. Our whole team and residents truly appreciate the quality of product, service excellence and approachability.”

Amir Rajani, General Manager

SkyPointe Hospice

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